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Cherry on top-kinda day : )

Like the best day ever! Well it started last night after the most amazing leadership meeting at the Basement. I have never heard grown men weeping during worship...until last night. YES it was that intense. The presence of God is so real. I cried in the worship too, as I prayed for the people that I love and lifted those in need up in prayer. One of the most healing and powerful experiences is to pray for others while you worship God. Talk about selfless. You are focused on God, not on self, and focused on others. Healing. True Love.
So I only slept about five hours because we all stayed really late worshipping and then hanging out after the meeting. I got home and called my mom and told her all about the meeting, then said some prayers for her because she was not feeling well. Then I talk to my roomie in the kitchen for like an Needless to say, I was up late. But I was also up bright and early this morning (as always). Got up at six, read the Bible, talked to God for a while, journaled and then got ready for the big day. I got to do full-time ministry today. Linda was speaking at an event today, so Connie and I got to be her right hand assistants. It was an honor. There was a Bible study, then Linda spoke and sang a beautiful hymnal. Then Linda and Connie asked me to share my testimony. It fires me up being about to share my experience, strength and hope with other women. All the trials, pain and struggles I have gone through are NOT in vain, because God is using them to help others. That makes it all worth it. His LOVE makes it all worth it.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that while I waited in the car for Connie and Linda to arrive, I wrote a song. And recorded it on my I did not want to forget it. It is straight from heaven, I cannot take credit for it...other than putting the pen to paper and singing into the phone haha. It is called "Seven" I look forward to sharing it with ya'll. Seven has always been a very special number to me. It was my dad's favorite number, it is God's special number, it is how old my mom was when she was hit by a car, and it is how old I was when my father passed away. Heavyduty.
So after the event, I got to go to lunch with Linda, Connie and Betsey (incredible woman of God). It was wonderful fellowship time. Then we went to this awesome little store that Connie had been raving to me about, called The Carpenter. It is jam-packed with worship music. From Southern-Gospel to Messianic Jewish worship...and yes the Gaithers (my Grandpa's favorite). Sitting in the store with Linda and Connie, I felt like I was at home. Hearing the Gaither's play, felt like I was teleported back to my Grandpa's couch listening with him to his favorite southern gospel tunes : ) Home Sweet Home! Then Linda and I began to cry as we heard the most heavenly, etherial music begin to play. We just sat down on these strategically placed chairs, near the music and closed our eyes as we imagined what heaven looks like and what that day will be like when we arrive. I had a lot of revelations, that are little too deep to share via blog...but take my word for it, I got some glimpses. It's real, He's real. I closed my eyes and imagined my family so excited to welcome me with loving arms, up into the Kingdom with my Heavenly Father. They were all so proud of me with joy and love in their eyes for the work I had done on Earth for the Kingdom of God. That I had stood firm in what really matters, and kept my eyes and my heart fixed on God. WOW! I could go on, but I feel this may be a little to heavy for some. Take it or leave it, it is Truth, it is written.
As if that was not amazing enough of a day, no no God always has to show-off and just keep pouring it He did. Went to the basement leaders worship night with my friend Dallas and it was incredible. My love cup is full and overflowing. We got so pumped up for what God is doing in and through us-all over the world, through the Basement, through me. I am just a vessel, what an honor to be a conduit for the Almighty God. People search their whole life for the meaning of life or for purpose...that is purpose, being used for and by the Creator of the world. Humbled by it daily. His grace just amazes me.
Got home from worship and fellowship. Should be exhausted but I am not my second wind-its eleven and I am in the kitchen chatting with Jaime again. Then I finally retreat to my room to put my pj's on, and I see this card and two beautiful journals. Aww. Jaime wrote me the sweetest card, and bought me two new journals. In case you haven't noticed, I am an avid writer. So sweet of her! The card was thanking me for being the "best roomate" she has ever had, and really the blessing is all mine! I feel so blessed beyond measure for her.

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