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Light a fire in us!

Are we living to die for something more? Are we living for a 70-80 year worldly success that will pass away with us? For men's approval or the world's praise? Are we living to glorify ourselves? To feed pride and ego? We're only here a short time, and even that is not guaranteed. So do we spend or waste that time chasing one temporary fortune after the next? Is there a point to that? A purpose? Even an aim? Other than the satisfaction of our mortal, earthly desires being fed...but it's never enough. It never lasts. You crave what you feed on. Feed your faith and starve your doubts. Are you feeding fear or feeding pride instead of faith? Feeding one desire, success or fix after the next. Where does that lead you? It is a dead end. Will you look back and be able to say that you lived for something more? Something bigger than just yourself? Ever notice that once you reach the "goal" you find yourself saying, is that all there is? That's what I spent all my time and energy on, devoted myself to? For a short-lived reward.
I want to devote myself to GOD. For His glorification, not my own. His rewards are long-lived, eternal in fact. Think about it. If we were all on earth just trying to enjoy our life, satisfy our own hungers with whatever we deem as right or wrong, what kind of world would that be? Would we ever consider anyone else's needs? Would we be safe? What about our children? It would be chaos, Lord of the Flies, every man for himself literally. Without God-centered Truth, we can choose at any given moment let our fleeting emotions rules our moral compass. Letting our feelings control us. Who is the master and who is the slave? We can tailor-make our own truth on what is good or bad-based on how we "feel." We all have to surrender to something. Are we going to surrender to fear or faith? We all worship something...are we worshipping our feelings or God-breathed Truth? What happens when we are having a bad that really a solid rock to stand on? Are you standing on a 2,000 year old eternal truth, or your own quicksand?

Quicken us. God, light a fire in us. Give us your passion and love and help us to see with your eyes, not our own. When you are on fire people will come around to watch you burn. I want to be that light, watch me burn brightly for God!

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