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Defrosted, softened

The enemy attacks our area of anointing before we know it is anointed, meanwhile God is using it to strengthen the foundation of our ministry and our gifts. God has been putting me and my best-friends through the blow-torch fire and defrosting our hearts through each other. He is refining us through the fire so that we come out the other side, pure as gold-shining so brightly for Him.

"The sun that hardens clay to brick
Can soften wax to shape and mold;
So too life's trials will harden some,
While others purify as gold."-Sper

Defrosted, softened: "Do not harden your heart as you did in the rebellion." Hebrews 3:8. "But Pharaoh's heart was hard and he would not listen, just as God had said. Ex. 8:19

God had designed a plague to get Pharaoh to repent...but instead he hardened his heart. God has been using my friendships with my Christian sisters to soften our hearts through each other and through all the trials. Sure there were times when we went the other way and let the pain harden us, but we always eventually came back to God and got softened and humbled all over again. When we humbled ourselves it was not quite as painful as when God had to humble us (stubborn haha), but either way he made sure we did NOT "pride ourselves" for too long. Humble is the best place to be; it is where we are soft and moldable and teachable. We are closest to God when we are here. Jesus was the most humble of other King could have so humbly come. A friend of mine (leader in ministry) recently told me how she used to hate the fact that women were looked at as weaker than men. Then she had a revelation as she realized that the seemingly "weak" quality that people were picking up on was truly one of the most beautiful qualities: submission, humility, surrender. As women we have the honor of carrying the gentle humble spirit of God within us. In our weakness, God is strong, He gets the glory when His strength shines through in our surrender. "Everything that Jesus did was in surrender."
Let's resist the urge to harden our hearts and instead submit to God.

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