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Lifelong connections

So glad to be home...well my Alabama home anyways. I just finished a six day house-sitting job. It just feels so nice to sleep in your own bed : )

Now this blows my mind...the kids I nannied for in CALI have been calling me nonstop. Apparently they just got a cell phone to share between the two of them. They got my phone number from their mom, and have been texting and calling away. I love getting their little picture texts of themselves and of their dog London...accompanied by the "London loves you and misses you!" texts. What a blessing that I still get to be a part of these kids lives. They were asking me when I am coming home so we can hangout. One of their precious texts: "We wanit to see you for along time" soooo cute! We talked on Saturday...they put me on speakerphone so I could hear them both. Awww! I love them! I promised them that we would talk once every couple weeks, we would keep texting and that when I come home in December we will go Christmas light looking together.
Another blessing...I was a personal assistant to a woman in Cali before I moved. She also called me and my mom to check up on me and see how I was doing in Alabama. How sweet?!?! So I finally got a chance to call her back yesterday. Wow she is such a strong woman of God! She is 93 years old, almost legally blind and you would NEVER know it. The strength of God shines so brightly through her. She taught me so much about myself and about God when I was working for her. She would always hug me before I left and tell me that I was her little angel...but truly she was MY angel all along! We were constantly reading amazing books together about God (I would read aloud to her since she could not see), she would share her amazing stories with me and her testimonies throughout the years. She has been a Christian since 1941. We even went through her old hymnal books and copied twelve of her favorite praise songs. Then I organized them and put them in several books for her, because she was starting a Hymnal Choir for God amongst the women she knew in her community. Like I said, you would never know she was 93. I used to sing to her while I was organizing stuff around the house. It truly was a Divine appointment. So the blessing was truly all mine. Anyhow, it was so nice to talk with her and share all my stories and see how she is doing back home. We also scheduled a dinner date around Christmas time. I am truly blown away at how God puts these amazing people in my life, and that they actually want to stay in touch with forever. But that is what its all about isn't it? Eternity. This is just the dress rehearsal, the finale, the real show is upstairs in heaven. So it makes sense to want to stay in touch because we will all be together again in eternity (forever). Gives me chill bumps.
I am not a big phone talker (as most people know) but these two phone calls were well worth it. It was not about me, it was all about them : ) The way it should be. More about God and others than about myself. Back to my previous thought...since this is the dress rehearsal and audition for heaven, I cannot leave earth until my work here is done. That is ultimately up to God. While I am here doing my work for Him, He is watching very carefully and lovingly. I am auditioning for the role He will entrust me with in heaven. He is shaping me and creating me and watching me grow into whatever role He has assigned for me. Isn't that incredible? Too much to try to wrap our heads around, but its about our hearts anyways and about faith. Faith does not always make sense. The more I open my heart to God and His abounding love, the less I look through the "worldly view lens." I want faith to be my eyes. I do not want to put the Holy Spirit in a box ever again. We are natural but God is supernatural. What naturally makes sense to us and is comfortable to us, is not normal for God. Thus why He tells us to love our enemies...pray for them, even bless them. Totally outside the box right?!?! Which is why I want to be more like HIM and less like me.

Had such a fun afternoon with my sister Nichole today. Just went over for a quick surprise hug and we ended up cracking up, she fell in the bathtub and hit her funny bone, I broke out into a full on Disney themed song and dance for her roomate, she asked if we were the Fuji sisters...we said yes and laughed. Maybe you had to be there, but it was awesome! Her roomate ended by saying "I just met the other half of crazy" oh yes and she told me that I should be the next Disney princess. Funny story is that my mom always wanted me to be one of the Disney princesses on the floats/parades at Disneyland. never know what God has in store. haha

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