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Mercy renewed in the morning & MOURNING

Wrote this to myself in my journal. "It is hard being so far away from my family. God knows I am laying down my life to follow Him...He knows, He cares, He knows it's not easy, He holds every tear I cry in the palm of His hands"
My aunty Janet and my nana are visiting my family in California, and I can't help but mourn over it. Yes I am sad. I have to grieve and mourn that part of my life, mourn over missing out on that time and experience with my family. Mourning is good though. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" Matthew 5:4. God tells me that it is good to mourn, that I am actually blessed because of it. He will replace sadness with gladness. When I mourn, and cry out to HIM then He is able to come and comfort me. Bring me JOY. "I have this consolation-my JOY in unrelenting pain. That I had not denied the words of the HOLY ONE." JOb 6:10

It is written, He said, I will have joy in pain, and comfort in my mourning. I have experience this firsthand lately. The longer I pretend like things are fine, like I am fine, and "pull my boots up by my straps" the longer I am delaying the comfort and joy that God wants to pour out on me. Once I let down my pride and allow myself to be vulnerable and feel that sorrow, THEN God can do His job and love it all away : ) He wants to love it all away, if I will just let Him. So I am letting my guard down and letting him. Broken and contrite...the perfect place to b, at His feet. He is my physician, I am in Jesus ICU...He wants to heal me all up and make me better. In my weakness HE is strong. I love HIM wholeheartedly, He is all I need and He is all I have- and He is more than enough for me! His grace is sufficient and how blessed I am to receive this grace!!! G.R.A.C.E.- Giving yourself Rest and Compassion Everyday. Receive HIS grace today!

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