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In the last place you'd expect : )

Saw this in the bathroom stall the other day and I have to say it really brightened my day!!! I am not saying that tagging or graffiti in public bathrooms is a good thing to go around doing...but it did really make my day!!! I was having a very long day filled with appointments, meetings and intense feelings, and suddenly God sent me the sweetest message when I least expected it. What I thought would be just a quick stop at a public restroom became this refuge of peace and Joy amidst the chaos. Great reminder...HIS light in the darkest of places!! Just sayin' : ) It actually made me and my friend decide to make little prayer cards that say Jesus Loves You! So we can leave them in bathroom stalls...hang them on the little hooks or tape em' to the stall door...still carrying the message without breaking the law : ) Reverence. When you think about how many people go in and out of these bathrooms, you could reach sooo many!!! Just an idea : )

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