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Seeing God in ALL the small things

Seeing God in all the small things...and I mean ALL!!! This is a gift a friend of mine gave to me. She took me to see Avatar last year, after telling me repeatedly how much she saw God in the movie. I really couldn't understand how she saw God in Avatar...but the more she explained it the more I was captivated and intrigued. I do not go to many movies, because it is hard for me to sit still that long...and Avatar is SUPER long...but I just had to see what she was talking about. So I go into the movie with God's eyes. I wanted to see the whole thing through HIS perspective, not my own. The movie blew. me. away. Hands down. If you really want to see God in everything, you will. Believe me. He is everywhere. He will speak to you in every and any avenue if you listen closely and ask Him to. Even if you don't ask Him to, He is speaking...I just pray for His eyes to see the world and suddenly I can see so much more. Things I have missed my whole life. I challenge you to watch Avatar or Cinderella (yes the Disney version) and watch it through God's eyes. See how every song, every character, every detail is a message to us. It is a message of His love, hope, peace, joy...messages of His truth. The love stories resemble His love story to the world. Even the enemies are familiar. We are in this world, not of this world...but while we are in it we can still see HIM in worldly things. Keep your eyes fixed on Him even in the small stuff...especially in the small stuff.
Hints for Avatar: A human comes into a foreign land, in a new body, amongst strangers...He is an alien and stranger to them and to their world, they do not know his language but they want to learn it and learn from him...the prayer tree...the worship scene...He is is beautiful and brings me to tears. It is so Jesus! Those who have eyes, see, those who have ears, hear.

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