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True LOVE waits...

This one's for PB & J. Pastor Brian and Jaime...soo cute!!! My roommate Jaime is like the best roommate/big sister/friend a girl could ask for. God divinely connected us all the way from Cali to's been a perfect fit since day one. Only God could have done it!!! So I have a beautiful fairy-tale romance...written by God Himself to share with ya'll. It is a story of hope and patience in waiting on true love. Obviously God is our first true love and really the only true love of our lives, but He also created an Adam for us ladies. Jaime's story is living proof of this.

So the very first night I get here...after driving across the country with Casey, Jaime takes Casey and I out to eat some southern food. haha well Zaxby's...southern enough and we had never had it before so it was fun! On our drive there, Jaime gets a call from her sister who has been trying to spark Jaime's interest about this guy (Brian) that she had gone to Lee University with. They were both in the choir fact, I believe he was the president of the choir. So it was hilarious...watching/listening to this conversation Jaime was having with her sister and then her mother...both wanting to reconnect these two. Jaime was so funny as she giggled along with it and put her mom on speaker and casey got to join in on the fun! It was exciting and mysterious but we had no idea where he lived now. Come to find out later that he was in Georgia...only two hours from us in Bama. He messaged her on Facebook, after being prompted by Jaime's sister or maybe it was his sister...not sure.
Anyways, that very first night, I just had this gut feeling that he was the one...I cannot explain it. Uncanny really...I just knew there was something their story, the way Jaime was acting and her mom and sister...there was something much bigger going on than just meets the eye. God's ways are above our ways : )

The first three weeks or so of my living here, I saw Jaime go on several dates...I was impressed at how fearless she was. She would go on a dinner date here and a coffee date there...but nothing ever really clicked. Lots of first dates, no second dates. It was fun watching her get all dolled up and then when she came back a couple hours later we got to bond over it and talk about the dates. I still had this gut feeling about I kept asking her about him. She said they had been corresponding online but she didn't know because he was living in Georgia. I could still see the excitement and joy light up in her eyes when she did talk about him. A few weekends later they set up a date. Brian drove to Bama to take Jaime out on a saturday. He was driving this way because he had a job opportunity as a worship pastor a couple hours north of us-so it worked out perfectly. I got to see her get all dolled up again but something was different this time. I saw the gleam in her eyes and also the was a new adventure...uncharted territory. I smiled back with this "I know" kind of smile...if that makes any sense.

They went to lunch and ice-cream together...and when she got home I was expecting we would sit and chat about it. Well I actually heard a deep voice entering the house. I was in the kitchen so I couldn't see anything. I heard Jaime's heels click/clack as she entered the kitchen with this HUGE smile. The date was written all over her face...fabulous!!!!! She kind of whispered a few things to me about it and gave me a big thumbs up. I wanted to leap up for JOY and clap...but I restrained myself bc I knew there was someone else in the house. She asked me (she is very thoughtful that way) if I would feel comfortable meeting him. WOW! Big step. I had not met any other guy that she had gone on a first date with. This was another good tell-tale sign. I of course, said YES YES YES!! So she click/clacked back to the living room and said to him "You can meet my roommate, Malorie" was cute. Then he said "Oh I can, can I?!?!" It was written in the context...the nonverbal language, the tone of voice...everything. It was like...'yes, you can meet my roommate, I give you permission now.' I think all three of us knew this was kind of a big deal...haha in a silly way...but it meant so much more than it really was.

I was anxious and excited to finally meet him and more importantly to see them interact with each other. You see I am a big observer and a highly sensitive person (which is not always a negative thing hahah) so I love to watch people's interactions. I did major in interpersonal communications and nonverbal language after all. So we meet...he is precious, sweet and humble. So then I kind of take a step back and start watching them together. Jaime is standing in her usual spot "nook"-the corner of the dining room and kitchen counter. This is her spot. It is so cute. She leans up against the counter top and checks her emails and uses her computer right there all the time. So she is there and he is sitting at the kitchen table. Well gosh, I could go on and on and I am realizing that I already am. Haha I could write a whole novel about their cuteness...but I will try not to. (Try being the key word here folks).
Anywho, they are kinda joking, teasing each-other, he is kind of picking on her and her cute little quirky qualities. I can already see and feel the chemistry. The fact that he even notices those small innuendos and cute quirks about her is priceless. In my head I am pretty much planning their wedding right then and there.

Then I open my big mouth...oops! I tend to have "insert foot in mouth" moments. Here we are...all three of us joking and laughing (a sweet encounter) and then I say, "well Jaime's been going on all these dates and I just knew all along that you were the one." Uhmmm hello?!?!? Could I be more obvious or crazy?!?! hehehe well right after it comes out of my mouth I realize what I have just done. I told on her ( going on lots of dates) and I kind of jumped the gun on him being the one...but in my mind I already knew it. Well he was really funny and light about it...totally gave him more amo to tease her about all her dates. "All these dates huh?" he says. She smirks and laughs. I said "She is kind of really popular..." it worked out because he knew he had competition...Jaime was in high-demand...why wouldn't she be...she is amazing.

So then I say to him..."no seriously you get the golden star. It is a big deal that I am meeting you, I have not met any of the other first-dates...I knew from the first night that I heard about you..." He replies, "wait, when did you hear about me?" I thought back to the very first night...but how could I possibly tell him that Jaime's mom and sister were both in on all this?!?! too much too soon. Oops again...digging a hole for myself! Might as well just bury's too late now. He graciously participated in the whole exchange and was very cool about it. Another good sign : ) It is really sweet and cute after all...the whole story is. God turns everything around for good...even the little silly things.

So from that point on, they continued dating...and I kept saying "he is the one." Poor Jaime probably got sick of me saying it...she was trying to be practical and not get her hopes up too high...and here I was the PB & J cheerleader. But LOVE is just not just fall and fall hard. But it is the safest place to fall...fall into LOVE!!! Fast-forward eight months later...on their 8 month anniversary from that first date...he pops the question. 1...2...3...collective Awwwww!!! There is soo much more to this story. It is just proof of God's perfect timing. Jaime and Brian both paitently waited on the Lord. Never settled for less than what they knew he had for them. Trust HIS plan and sovereignty. Sought first HIS kingdom, wholeheartedly serving the Lord and honoring HIM with their lives. Glorifying the Lord individually and now united in Christ for His glory!

"Recently, a man I don't know saw a triangle over me. He saw me running toward my Kingdom purpose and destiny up one side, and saw my future husband running toward his Kingdom purpose up the other side. We could not see each other, but would meet at the top when our purpose collided. When you understand the TRUE LOVE of the Father, you will be NEVER fall for a cheap imitation!!!!"

They are both worship leaders...Brian is now the worship pastor at a church in tennessee and Jaime sings at Kingwood...but soon...very soon they will be singing and worshiping the Lord together at Kingsport in Tennessee. God reconnecting them after all these years is just the sweetest thing. You just never may have already met him...your soul-mate...but God is just preparing the perfect time. If you are still waiting just know that God has you waiting because He had faith in you. He knows you are stronger. He is still preparing you and working on him...the longer the wait the sweeter it is. You are getter better everyday and so is keep waiting. Everything good is worth the wait.

The end. Actually...the BEGINNING...

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