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Matthew 6:21

I know it's been a's been a wild ride! I took this time to fast from the internet for a while and it was great! My roommate sold her house and I was helping her move out and pack and clean the whole house. I was also packing up everything I have and organizing and downsizing big time. It was so nice...a total cleansing experience. Giving your stuff away to those who truly need it. Wow, it truly is more blessed to give than receive. "Freely you have received, freely give" Matt. 10:8. "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" Matt. 6:21. I cannot take anything with me to heaven anyways. My treasure is not in things, my treasure is in the Lord and in the ones he has entrusted me to LOVE with His love! I have to admit that I've saved over 20 journals over my lifetime and I do not intend on getting rid of them, unless the Lord takes them from me. Yes they are special to me, because most of them are filled with letters I have written to God over the years, poems, songs, reflecting on things, gratitude lists...etc.
So I had to pack up my car with less than 100 pounds of items and then ship it back to California. It was hard determining what to put in my car and what to bring on the plane with me. You would think I would bring the most valuable things with me, and the not so valuable in my car (namely bc the transport company warned that they are not responsible for lost of stolen items). Well I know this, just like the airline cannot 100% guarantee that my bags will arrive or be untampered with. That's reality for ya! But the Lord is my protector and His sovereignty covers everything! I trust Him alone! The way I saw it was that I am just merely giving the Lord back everything He has given to me. None of it was mine to begin with, it all comes from Him. "All I have is your and all you have in mine"-Jesus says in John 17:10. So I gave everything in my car, including my car, and my luggage back to it's rightful owner...God. It was very freeing and liberating. Trusting in His sovereignty and resting in it gives me true freedom. When it's in God's hands it is never out of control, because He IS in control...of everything. So I know if He wants me to have my car, the things in it and my bags...then I will, and if He doesn't then I won't. It is that simple. And I KNOW for a fact that He knows my needs before I ask (Matt. 6:8) so He knows better than I do what I need or do not need. If I have placed anything above Him or before Him, I will lose it and that is okay because I always have HIM. That's what truly matters.
So I when it came down to it I ended up putting the things that are more important to me in my car rather than taking them with me. Here is my reasoning. I put my journals in my car, and my daddy's guitar which I inherited from him when he passed away. I figure that no one (in their right mind) would want some girls journals filled with letters to God, poems, scripture, personal stories...right? Well unless they are just plain mean or super bored hahah and need some juicy reading material. In that case, God will use it to witness to that person...that's a gift in itself. As for the guitar, well it is old, and has more sentimental value than anything else, but again it belongs to God not me so I am just giving it back to Him. End of story. : )

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