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Oh my goodness!!! This is the sweetest little video that my niece Elizabeth made for me...she is precious & very creative!!!!

Plans, Shmans!!!

Its funny because we make plans and then they don't always happen. Our intentions are good, motives are pure, hearts in the right place...and still nothing. Then after all is said and done...we realize "oh, I guess THIS was the plan." It was the plan all along, we just couldnt see it at the time. Like the mom that got stuck in traffic on her way to the airport, where she would have boarding one of the planes that hit the twin towers on 9/11. But the traffic kept her on the ground. I should say God kept her on the ground. It was His plan all along. But to the human eye wouldn't it look like a nuisance, a missed flight, a hassle, a frustrating traffic jam, a bad morning, maybe a bad day...where nothing is going YOUR way. Well thank God it isn't going OUR way and it is always going God's way. If everything were going OUR way, we would be running the show, running the world...we would be in control. I am thankful that God is running the show. He is in control, and things always go according to plan, according to His plan. What a relief! Takes a big heavy burden off of our shoulders, that doesn't belong there in the first place. So when you start feeling like nothing is going your way, the whole world is working against you, your plans are being ruined...say the Serenity Prayer. And remember that our plans sometimes are not in alignment with Gods plans, so we just yield to them no matter how bad or far off they look...and trust in Him. We might not get what we want, but we always will get what we need.

Serenity Prayer:
God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change
Courage to CHAGNE the things I can
and the WISDOM to know the difference.

Acceptance is the answer to all our problems today. Accept His will. Accept that He wants the best for you : ) It takes more faith to believe that when everything is not going "your way" or according to the plan...but then ask yourself...whose plan am I own? or God's?

For you have placed eternity in the hearts of men.
And now I know that whatever God does it is final. Whatever He does, He does forever. Ecclesiastes 3:11,14

What God does, He does forever. What He promises will happen. He cannot change, He remains steadfast and true. This world is ever-changing and the people in it. We come and go like dust in the wind. "This world is crazy, can't wait till I make it home. Then I can be w/ Him who I adore. When I'm in the battle He's my shield & sword...the One that showed me Love like I've never known before. Gotta give props to my Lord. My Lord is my everything. He's all I ever need. My Lord is the best."

SIng, sing, sing!!!

Okay so the video quality is not the best, but it wasn't about the video...I was making it more for the vocals. I've been worshipping nonstop lately. Night & day...writing, recording, worshipping...its been amazing! I just decided to turn my MacVideo on last night for a bit while I was in it...just for fun...enjoy!

Tornado Care kits-Heart to

Every item in the Heart to Heart Care Kit will be used to bring comfort, health and peace of mind to those who receive it. We rely on our growing volunteer movement to acquire, prepare and send the kits, which are shipped from our Global Distribution Center in Kansas City. Below are simple instructions on how you can participate in this worthy cause:



  • Place all items in one zipper-seal bag, seal it, place the top of the filled bag into the bottom of the second bag and seal the second bag.
  • Collect banana boxes from a local grocery store, place cardboard or a paper bag in the bottom and place 10 completed Care Kits in each box.
  • Complete the Care Kit Information Form (see link below), insert it in an envelope with financial support for shipping (suggested donation: $1.00 per kit) and place the envelope in the box.
  • Secure each box with packing tape and mark the outside of the box “10 Care Kits.” (If sending multiple boxes, please mark box "Form Inside" to ensure that we collect your information efficiently.)
  • Add necessary shipping information and mail to our warehouse:
Heart to Heart International
1021 Pacific Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102


  • One new hand towel
  • One new washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb
  • One 10-15 oz. bottle of shampoo
  • One new individually wrapped toothbrush
  • One 4-6 oz. tube of toothpaste
  • One individually wrapped bath-size bar of soap
  • Ten (10) adhesive bandages
  • Two (2) one-gallon-size, zipper-seal plastic bags

Highlight from the Basement


The Basement May 31st was Amazing!
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image

Here are some highlights from The Basement Service that was held May 31st. We saw many lives changed at the event, as well as testimonies through our facebook page, and there is no telling how many lives were impacted through the livestream on the internet. We had a youth pastor that traveled 16 hours from South Africa just to experience The Basement live. He has been watching The Basement and modeling his youth service after The Basement and Matt's messages. His youth service has grown from 80 to 800 students weekly!!! That's a single testimony of what God is doing through The Basement as it is broadcast all over the world! Click below to see a youtube video of that youth group in South Africa that you helped inspire!

South Africa Youth Group Inspired by The Basement!

Below are a few highlights from the basement service:

  • Over 50 different youth groups registered and attended the service live. We are unifying the body of Christ!
  • Over 5000 computers tuned in to our live feed on the internet. (We know of a few gym size groups that live feed it into their own service, so 5000 is a bit misleading! There are many more people included in that 5000.)
  • Among those 5000 17 countries are represented.
  • 7000 different page views on our website from 26 different countries that day.

Sanctifying Surgery

I got second & third degree burns last week...they are hidden under clothing, other people do not see them, but I can feel them & they more painful than I could have imagined. This almost took me out of commission completely as far as being able to do the things I usually do. The things I oft take for granted. But did it take me out of commission for God? No Way! Never!!! In fact in my weakness He is super strong! He uses me even more in my trials and pain. He also uses it to cultivate a very specific empathy and understanding that I would not have had without the pain. Humility is not a lesson that you can learn from a book. Only God can teach you that lesson, one on one, through testing and through pain. Consider it pure JOY. I am not saying that God wanted me to get burnt, but I am saying that He allowed it. He is and does use everything for good. How else is He going to make us more into the likeness of Himself? We can use everything we experience as a teacher. Yesterday is todays pupil. God is the Divine teacher.

I am not going to say it was not hard, especially not the first couple of days. Yes, I complained and felt sorry for myself...but then God helped me to snap out of it. He would only allow it for an hour or so and then He would show me how He was using this for good. My perception started changing, deep within my heart. Only God could do that. No matter what anyone said to me, or even I said to me...He is the only one that can change & shape & move in our hearts like nothing else can. I took this experience as a time for more prayer, more worship, more gentle self-care, more reading and writing, more fellowship in different ways. I had time to work on mission media stuff with the Basement. It truly is a blessing in disguise. It humbled me on so many levels. Talk about surrender and powerlessness. I am powerless because I am not God. He is the power, ALL power. He gives me power and authority through and with Him, but He is supreme sovereign authority. He is the alpha, omega, first and last. Nothing is out of control because God is always in control. I am so grateful for this last week. Even my perception toward my body. Accepting and receiving God’s unconditional love for me, which is endlessly & always available. He does not see outward appearance as man does, He see’s the heart. He has been doing a holy open heart sanctifying surgery...”I know the Spirit is purging me of everything that is hurting me.”

My life verse is in action again...”What was intended to destroy me, God is using for good for the saving of many”-Gen. 50:20. My body is a living sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord and for His holy purposes...Seen & unseen.

Pain & gain

When you avoid something like the is usually because there is something BIG there. Something BIG and buried deep beneath the core of who you are, the core of your feelings. It is avoid the hurt, but the more you run the more it hurts. Its almost like when you have a bad neck and it kills to turn left, so you avoid it...but the longer you keep looking right, the worse it will get. The avoided stretch and pain, only magnifies the stiffness and the suffering. You gotta get to the root of it, the source of the pain, dig it up, bring it to the light so that God can heal it. He wants to heal you, He wants you to be whole and complete in HIM. So the Holy Spirit spotlights our heart...the deep dark crevices that only He can see. Painful, yes...but its worth the healing! I notice that the longer I am trying to avoid something the more pain must be buried beneath that I am afraid to look at or feel. It is a good indicator a red flag that there is something God is trying to show me, tell me, spotlight. He uses pain as a megaphone.

When you hear voices in your head...which one do you listen to? Do you listen to your own voice, the voices of other people? The voice of lies? Or do you listen to God’s healing voice of truth? Take captive every can be very overwhelming for a highly sensitive person with racing thoughts. I am always hearing God’s loud...but I am also hearing lots of other voices trying to drown out His voice. Of course the more loudly and clearly I hear God...the more the other voices want to turn up and tune Him out. “I count it all as loss if I can’t hear Him, feel Him, because I need Him. Cant walk this earth alone. I recognize I am not my own, so I live to make my boast in Him alone.” People say that they do not believe in God because they cannot see Him. Can you see the wind? Can you see pain? Do you still feel the wind, do you still feel pain? You experience pain and feel pain but cannot see it. I experience God and feel God but cannot see Him. So I let my faith be my eyes, believing & hoping in what is unseen. He is SO REAL! Experience HIM daily, moment by moment, He is all around!!! Speaking ALL the time!!!