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Bragging on God: Caregiving

I just have to brag on God here.  One of the MANY reasons I LOVE caregiving.  I feel SO blessed.  I just received this sweet email from one of my clients…she sends me emails like this often…this one especially touched my heart today and I had to share a glimpse of the JOY I get to experience on a daily basis helping her and others.  Caregiving is like therapy, counseling, rehabilitation, Christian ministry, personal assisting, nursing…oh and so much more.  It has highs and lows.  Somedays are really hard, tedious and beyond draining physically and emotionally.  I come home and just crash, I have nothing left to give to anyone or anything.  There are days when you feel like you are not making any progress with a client, or things are getting worse.  Then there are months of just baby steps and progress-- little by little, day by day-- loving them with God's love-- and all of the sudden you see those seeds planted months ago begin to be watered and grown and blossom by God.  Like today one of my client's shared with me that her husband has started praying and building a personal relationship with God. This is colossal.  He has always erred on the side of "religious" and distant and rule-oriented with God. Not ever really have a real relationship with Him. Me and his wife have been praying and planting seeds for months and to finally see those blossoming…well I can't even tell you how amazing that is.  When she stopped to tell me that today, I almost cried.  I let them borrow the movie "God's Not Dead" last week, and we were both praying God would really move in his heart through that movie too and he would be open.  He was. That was a sweet surprise as well.  She has always wanted to share her faith with him, and hers has been growing stronger and stronger especially over the last eight months.  Now she is realizing he needs his own faith and relationship with God before they can share anything.  What is so encouraging is that he is building that.  This is such an answered prayer, you have no idea. 

Also another client who had been battling major depression after a breakdown and major physical surgery, has had so many breakthroughs over the last few months.  Just to see her laughing again, her joy is back, her fervor, she is a new woman.  Getting to walk, pray, and counsel her through that crazy intense fire was a privilege I don't take lightly.  Sometimes I forget why I do, what I do…or it feels mundane, and then God hits me over the head (not really haha) ever so gently and shows me these beautifully amazing opportunities I get to be a part of, with Him, in the lives of His children. 

So needless to say the highs are so high and so wonderful and SO rewarding.  To see how and why God has placed me in my client's lives specifically is so humbling and honestly breath-taking.  It is so worth the lows or the hard days.  Just in AWE of Him.  All GLORY, all HONOR, All Praise to YOU God. Thank you for letting me be a part of Your love expressed here on earth.  

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