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Pray for Nepal, Holly Update: EarthQuake #2 YWAM

Well I got home around midnight last night after an amazing worship night and recording/songwriting session.  I was on cloud nine after a long day.  Suddenly as I was about to fall asleep, all cozy in bed, I got some scary news. My grandpa let me know that Nepal had a second earthquake, and not just any aftershock either. A whopping 7.4 magnitude. This following the devastating and deadly 7.8 only a few weeks ago. Thank God my grandpa watches the news so late at night or I would not have known. For some reason with both earthquakes I have been wide awake and the first (or second in this case) to know about it.  I keep getting to be the messenger of sorts.  Don't ask me why God always has me awake and finding out about the quakes. It is a privilege that I get to pray for my sister, and be there in it with Hannah that's all I know.  I love them both very much.  I would do the same for any and ALL of my sisters in Christ.  What an honor.  Thank you GOD.  So then I had to call poor Hannah again at 12:15 a.m. It was like a repeat of the first earthquake when I called her at 1:30 a.m. But only this time we were not up all night … we did pray over text together for about an hour. But we both had this deep peace that she was safe, and we just kept committing her over to the Lord and the whole YWAM team. It was still intense, don't get me wrong, just very different feeling than the first time we got news. Thankfully Holly was able to contact her parents much sooner this time than the last time too! Read below:

Hannah & Holly's dad posted this 11 hours ago: "We got a call at 1:30 this morning from Holly informing us that she and her team in Katmandu, Nepal, are safe following that 7.3 magnitude aftershock/ quake. Thanks for your continuing prayers for the people of Nepal, and all those committed to helping in any way they can. Thanks as well to the 42 people who, over the last 11 days, have given $16,519 for quake relief through the "gofundme" site (via the "Love your neighbor Nepal" page). The team's big concern today is that the deep fears incited by the first quake will be magnified by this second one. Their prayer is that the Spirit will cause hearts to turn to God, and that many will discover a new peace and rest in Christ.
By the way, the next time you hear someone predict the demise of the American Church, remind them that there are hundreds of thousands of late-teens-to-thirty-somethings who have devoted themselves, body and soul, to spreading God's love all over the planet."

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