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Jesus told us that as the Father sent him into the world, so he is sending us (John 17:18; Acts 1:8). How then did the Father send him? Essentially he became one of us. "The Word became flesh" John 1:14. God didn't send a telegram or shower evangelistic Bible study books from heaven or drop a million bumper stickers from the sky saying "Smile, Jesus loves you." he sent a man, his Son to communicate the message. His strategy hasn't changed. He still sends men and women-before he send tracts and techniques-to change the world. You may think his strategy is risky, but that is God's problem, not yours.
In Jesus, then, we have our model for how to relate to the world, and it is a model of openness and identification. Jesus was a remarkably open man. He didn't think it was unspiritual for him (fully realizing he was the Son of God) to share his physical needs (John 4:7). He didn't fear losing his testimony by revealing to his disciples the depths of his emotional stress (Mark 14:32-52).
Here is our model for genuine godliness. We see him asking for support and desiring others to minister to him. We must learn then to relate transparently and genuinely to others bc that is God's style of relating to us. Jesus commands us to go and then preach, not to preach and then leave. We are not to shout the gospel from a safe and respectable distance, and remain detached. We must open our lives enough to let people see that we too laugh and hurt and cry. If Jesus left all of heaven and glory to become one of us, shouldn't we at least be willing to leave our dorm room or Bible study circle to reach out to a friend?

Author: Rebecca Pippert

"And all will see YOUR love inside of me. The power of YOUR love has saved me...restored never fails me, your love is all I need Jesus! I'll go with you Oh Lord!!! I'll go, I'll show the power of your love, the world will know the power of your love!!!"

UNASHAMED-what God does through us every week!


WOW!!!!! Unashamed for GOD!!!! Taking over the world for HIS return!

I'm super duper pumped up about what God is doing in Birmingham SUPER DUPER pumped!!!!! I just can't stop worshipping...more more more of you GOD!!!!

A man fell in a hole

Every encounter is sacred

Wow so amazing testimony of the day...well mine at least. Went to leave for a singing audition and walked out to a car with a flat tire. Hmm...didn't get very far to say the least. I was already having a pretty rough day...lots going on emotionally, spiritually and physically. I just broke down and started crying...knees hit the floor and it was time to pray. I was feeling alone, abandoned and scared. Kind of like an orphan. Where are you God? Where are you So I pray some more and cry out to God. Then all of the sudden my sweet roommate opens the door. She never comes home on her lunch break but for some reason did today. She comes over to me and just sits next to me as I cry. She hugs me. Then we talk about what's going on and she just listens. So we get up together with a AAA and call Philip (the guy I was meeting for audition). So I make the call to Philip and apologize for being such a "girl" but I have to figure out this whole tire thing before work in two hours. He totally understands and we reschedule for Sunday....whew! This will save me gas money too since I will already be there on sunday : ) He even said it worked better for him this way...God works in mysterious ways. One thing to go.
So I go to find my AAA card in my where to be found. I go online to find a contact number to call where to be found. Hmmm...get a little discouraged and frustrated. Run out to my car to find some paperwork in my glove box...hoping there is a number to call...nothing. All I find is a claims number. what. Well as I am looking through the paperwork I stumble across a piece of paper with two red cards attached. "Mitsubishi Diamond Care" I did not even know I had this five year service warranty on my car. So I call the number and the sweetest lady (who I am convinced was an angel) answered and asked "Are you safe at your location?" I answered "I am in Alabama, ma'am"...she said "Are you safe, are you SAFE at your location?" Oh ooops! "Yes Ma'am I am safe, I'm sorry, I AM safe!" I heard it She was so sweet! I told her I was at home, the car was in my driveway and I was very safe, thank the Lord! We continued to praise God throughout the conversation and she said "I hope you days gets much better sweetheart! God Bless!" WOW! Had the tire thing not happened, none of this would have happened!
Then to top it off I had another angel experience with the tow-truck driver as I witnessed to him about God's love and the Basement and moving across the country for God. Every encounter is sacred. I brought him a cold cup of water and we chatted while he changed my tire. I gave him the website to the Basement and he is really pumped about coming to the November 30th! Another thing that would not have happened otherwise. God truly takes my breath-away. I even said to Anthony (tow-truck angel) that I took a big leap of faith moving here, "It was kinda crazy, but if your gonna do something crazy-it might as well be for God Himself!" Then Anthony replied "Yes ma'am, you're right cuz there's people that do all kinds of crazy things for absolutely no reason at all...atleast you are doing it all for God" Yup, all for God's glory! Bless his heart, Anthony told me how he works from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. most! I am praying for his safety, protection and that he would continue to follow Jesus as Lord.
After my spare tire was put on, and went back in, got ready for work and then as I went to leave...none other than one of my grandma's famous care packages awaited me at the doorstep. God showed up again...time and time again yesterday to remind me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I ran inside real quick to open it up and it was filled to the brim with all of my needs! Thank you God, thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!! Awe-mazing!

Sometimes we have to be in the darkness to truly SEE the LIGHT!

My song

be careful what you wish for, what you pray for...those larger than life God-given dreams that burst at the seams inside of ur heart...the higher calling comes with a cost...he commissioned you to save the lost...the bigger the call the bigger the sacrifice, its comes with a price yet u dont think twice...waste ur life or spend it for HIM, nothing else satisfies so u run the race and chase the you want to travel the world, sing of His glory...sing every praise, tell every story...He's giving me myhearts desires, so he puts me thru the fire...this is what you asked for my precious daughter...this is just the start & it might get harder...but would u rather sit back in comfort watching another? sit on the sidelines passing out water? your hearts desires are being fulfilled, I'll bring you joy that nothing else will. social life & comfort in exchange, for purpose in His name.
Destined to bring ur Father fame..what price u say? :)