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Basement @ Bartow-3 days away!

This rocks!!! Only three days away...

Is your thermostat set to "Comfort Zone" ?

Some thermostats have a "comfort zone' setting on them. Is the 'Comfort Zone' the setting on your thermostat?

Here are a few excerpts from an article I just read, that I can really relate to:

"For the last several months the term “comfort zone” has been a
regular part of my vocabulary. I think about “leaving” it, and
overcoming the desire to live there. I count the many challenges of
leaving what’s comfortable and familiar and the triumphs of risk-
taking when God leads."

Peter stepped WAY out of the comfort zone to walk on water, when Jesus called him out of the boat.
"I LOVE Peter. I love how he is bold and self-confident. I love that when he blows it, he blows it BIG. And yet, Jesus never defined him by his impulsiveness, bad decisions or fearful behavior. Comforting thought."

"Why leave Comfort Zones? Because we cannot grow in humility, patience or courage within the
confines of a zone where we deem our selves comfortable. Lessons in these three elements, are by
their nature, uncomfortable. And, all the while, we grow in deeper relational intimacy with the
God who reveals to us what is inside our hearts and reaffirms His loving redeeming touch."

God has been pushing me out of my comfort zone BIG time with my new church, my small group, my job at times...and that's just to name a few. God knows the way to shape me, equip me, change my heart and stretch me-will always be outside of my comfort zone. You cannot take a leap of faith, inside your comfort zone.

"The greatest things in my life have been things that I did not plan, they were directions the Lord gave me at that time"- Francis Chan

Stop the world, I need some time with You.

This is how I feel on a daily basis. The world spins so fast and it's so easy to just GO Go GO. But I NEED to hear Him, be still first before I move. Time with God is the best way to spend my time. I'll spend myself on Him, spend my life on Him. When things get crazy, too fast, overwhelming...just press pause, spend some time with Him. He'll stop the clock for you!


My pastor and his VISION and PASSION for san jose bay area for Jesus!

I love how God connects the hearts with the same vision and passion!!! My heart has been burdened for san jose since I moved back from Alabama. I want a movement and revival for Jesus and have been praying for that. Me and a couple of my girlfriends have started a worship night, and I am excited to see what God is up to and I want to be a part of a prayer warrior and as His hands and feet!

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ In the HIGHEST and COME ALIVE♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Your great light shines for ALL to see, I come alive, I come alive. Singing Your song for eternity, I come alive, I come alive!
Your love breaks sadness over me, I come alive! Gates fling wide and Heaven breathes I come alive!

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ 1st day singing at Garden City♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Yesterday was my first day singing at Garden City Church. It was AWE-MAZING!!! God gets ALL the glory. I was very nervous leading up to it but it was incredible how God Himself calmed all my nerves and quieted my soul on every level. He made me feel so at home, and the band was just so warm and welcoming. I felt like I've been worshipping with them forever! I kept pinching myself and thinking, I am so blessed to get to do this! It is the ultimate dress rehearsal and practice for heaven when we get to worship Him nonstop, without the constraints of time and energy. I hope to start posting some videos in the near future.

It was 100% Philippians 4:13. God just emptied my nervous, insecure, intimidated self and filled me up with HIM! His grace is sufficient and He did ALL the work! I felt fully alive in Him and using the gifts He loaned to me on earth. I want to be a good steward with what He has given me, so I won't let the fear hold me back. I may be afraid every time, or WAY out of my comfort zone, but in HIM I can do all things. He gave me life, so I give Him mine. Help me to be all that You've called me to be Lord.

"I am filled with a love that calls me to action.. God give me the strength to give something from nothing, I want to be a glimpse of the kingdom that is coming!"

Link to Garden City Church Website:

Hindsight is 20/20

October is crazy!!

This has been a crazy week! My computer broke...but Apple might actually be fixing it for free...praying!!! God is so good! I met the most amazing, sweet, radically saved girl from Teen Challenge and got to hear her testimony...incredible! it was so encouraging to meet a fellow sojourner of the Lord....when I least expected it. It is like meeting a long lost sister. I also had the privilege of meeting the sweetest little girl named Daysia. she is only three years old and she has Leukemia. If you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for little Daysia. let me just say that she made a lasting impact on my life and in my heart! she is so full of the JOY of the Lord. The purity of a child's heart and their child like faith is the most beautiful gift. It is proof of Gods existence! How a child with Leukemia can be filled with hope and joy! WE ought to have faith like that...on a good day or a horrilbly "bad" day. If she can do it...we can do it! By the grace of God.
Then my aunt Janet flew back to Alaska...that was sad! I hate goodbyes! But I am beyond grateful for the month I got to spend making memories with her and my family! She has so much energy...I don't know how she does it! I am wiped out haha! We had a twelve hour adventure on saturday in San was awesome! I laughed so hard the whole day that my stomach literally hurt.
Can't believe it is already November! My daddy's birthday is tomorrow :) This year has flown by! I am excited for this next season! It's going to be good...I can feel it! And God is always good so here we go...buckle up!
Pardon my grammar on this one...I'm using moms IPad...not used to it yet haha!

Basement moving to the Bartow Arena This is going to be off the charts! Cannot wait to see what God is about to do through this ministry...He is moving it to the huge Bartow Arena. God is about to pack this place out! I am so excited to visit in January for my 26th birthday! Brings back memories of the very first time I ever got to go to the basement for my 24th birthday!!! It changed my life forever! I now have a real family of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ in Alabama. Never did I expect God to do all He has done for me through the Basement and Matt Pitt and his family! So unbelievably grateful!
I love them as my family!