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Coal Miner coincidence

Thirty-three Miners
The 33 miners were rescued on the 33rd week of the year.
It took 33 days to drill down to them.
They were brought up on 10/13/10 which = 33.

Jesus was crucified at the age of 33
and they believe he was with them the whole time.

In God We Trust

"Coincidence is just God being anonymous" : )

Appreciation : )

God see's all you do and His reward is far better than any reward that human hands could give you. "God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love" Hebrews 6:10. Serving to please Christ is a greater reward than public acclaim. You never ever go unappreciated in God's eyes...He see's and appreciates all the service you do for Him...nothing is behind the scenes. Nothing is hidden from Him. This is a promise! No task is menial and no labor is done in vain. The last shall be first, the least shall be the greatest. "Do not let your hearts be troubled" John 14:11
"give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name...grant your strength to your servant" Psalm 86:11, 16

You who mourn will be comforted, you who hunger will hunger no more. Oh the last shall be first,
this I am sure. You who weep now will laugh again, all you lonely, be lonely no more. The last shall
be first, this I am sure.

I am in love

my new pen-pal : )

Wanted to share this letter with ya'll! I have a special new pen-pal through Compassion International. Age 7 (my lucky number). Here is my first letter to my precious friend:

Hello my sweet friend!
My name is Malorie. I just moved from sunny California all the way across the country to be a part of the Basement ministry out here in Birmingham, Alabama. Where do you live? What a blessing it is to write to you!!! I just love snail mail...that's what I call letters we get in the mail. It is so much fun having a special pen-pal. When I was your age I had a couple pen-pals, and we would write letters to each other every week. I remember getting so excited each and every day as I waited for the mailman to arrive. Would today be the day my letter came from my special friend? It was always a surprise when it finally did arrive, and the surprise was half the fun! We would decorate our letters with stickers and colored markers and even draw little pictures for each other. Sometimes we sent pictures of ourselves and fun little things like that to make each letter unique. I just love being creative! How about you? What kinds of things do you like to do for fun? I still love coloring in coloring books, writing poems, making special cards for people to brighten their days. It's so fun being creative and its even more fun to give handmade gifts to my friends. One of my very favorite things to do is to sing to and for God. I love to play the guitar and write music to glorify our Lord. Do you like to sing? What is your favorite music or band? The songs I write to God usually start out as letters I write to Him, then they become poems and then lyrics. It is a great way to talk to God and feel closer to Him : ) He is always listening to us and He loves when we talk to Him and sing songs of praise to Him.
"My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul" psalm 108:1
"Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts" Psalm 105:2
I love reading the Word of God. It is the best book there is because it is alive and active and 100% Truth. Do you like to read? If so, what are a few of your favorite things to read? I did not used to like reading because I had a hard time focusing and read very slowly. But I absolutely love it now! It is amazing what God can do. Not only did He help me to become a better reader, but I actually love reading now. With God nothing is impossible! When I first moved to Alabama I missed my family a lot, but the Lord is always with me and He is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Spending quality time with Jesus is my favorite thing to do!
I really look forward to getting to know you more my precious friend! I already love you because God loves you and we are family!!! Everyone is a child of God. What a sweet blessing to get to share God's love with you, He will love YOU through me!!! I am just the messenger of His love, He is THE LOVE! "God is love" 1 John 4:8

Love in HIM, Malorie : )

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." -Mother Teresa

Tis the Season (almost)

Good memories from Christmas last year with my sweet cousin Jordan and my mom singing and taping in the! So cute! Get's me all pumped up to go home for Christmas with the fam! Hugs and Kisses!!! Enjoy!

Grandma : )

Wow I have the SWEETEST Grandma of all time! Just got this Halloween gift in the mail from her...totally packed with my favorite goodies!!! :0) Aww!!! Totally made my day! Love you Grandma!!!!

Singing : )

Flyer from Mt. Top Women's Event : )

Ministry of Presence

Do we ever take the time to truly get to know someone? Do we ever take the time to truly get to know ourselves? People are so busy and so quick to try to make everyone more like them...maybe because it makes them feel more comfortable. Every single person is wired up so differently, and for a very specific God-given purpose. If we take the time to really get to know ourselves, it is much easier to then take the time to truly get to know others. If we self-care by caring about how God has wired us, then that compassion will trickle down onto those around us. I have noticed that the more I get in touch with who Malorie is, the more I am able to understand, love and accept who others are. All their unique and quirky things are beautiful jewels that illustrate and characterize them individually. People want to be heard, seen, acknowledged, accepted and loved. It has changed my life when someone will sit down with me, get to really know me, invest in and pour into my life and love and accept me unconditionally. The ministry of presence. I heard this quote last week, "Jesus' ministry was the person right in front of him." Wow that is so true and so powerful. He was present. He cared. He heard. He sought to understand and know and love each and every individual that came in his path. That awesome thing is, He still does this. If we are to be His hands and feet, then I want to do this to others for Jesus. Not to be so focused on the thousands and millions, but the ONE right in front of me. He never walked away from a hurting, lost or lonely person. Why should I? All of heaven rejoices when ONE person was lost and is now found. It is all about the ONE person in front of us. Whoever God puts in our line of fire at any given moment. And I mean line of fire; fire and passion burning for God-let your light shine for Him. It is magnetic and draws others to you. Sometimes they do not even know why they are drawn to you. I have so many unbelievers become my friend, and be "drawn" to me. Why? Not because of Malorie, they are actually drawn to the light within me. They may not even know it, and some might actually deny it, but the fact is-the good in me IS and will always be Jesus. They are drawn to His love and mercy and grace, in me. I am just a carrier of His presence. I am just the vessel, the messenger. He is the one they are truly drawn to. Someday they will have a personal relationship with him and experience His love firsthand, but until them I am privileged & grateful to be the messenger of his love. : )

Hope for the Nation Video : )

Made this video for Linda Oliver and Hope for the Nation Ministry...enjoy!

My prayer warriors!

WoW! I have the best mom in the world!!! I called her late late last night crying because I was not feeling well. I am very sensitive to chemicals and had been cleaning in a very small bathroom with no window...with heavy-duty chemicals yesterday. Needless to say, I was feeling very sick afterwards. I called her and just wept over the phone. Haven't done that for a long long time! It was very vulnerable. I just wanted/needed my mommy. Yes I am 24 years old but who doesn't still just need their mommy sometimes?!? I am constantly taking care of others, pouring out to others and serving others, which is what I LOVE to do...but sometimes I forget how much I need that too. Last night I just wanted someone to take care of Mal. I wanted someone to tickle my back, hug me while I cried, and nurture me. It is hard being a big girl sometimes.

I do not normally call my mom just to cry over the phone, because I don't wanna upset her- as there is not much she can do about it anyways. Or so I thought. It's not like she could drive over and take care of me. But God knows our needs before we even ask. So He had me call her. It was a leap of faith, as I said, I really didn't know what she could do but I just knew I wanted to call her. I asked her to sing me a song, she sang me one of my favorite songs of all time that she used to sing to me every night as a little girl. Then she just listened to me cry and kept telling me that she loved me and she would take care of me and tickle my back when I come home in December. WOW! Not only that but she stayed on the phone with me until I started feeling well enough to fall asleep. After I got off the phone she prayed for my healing and peace. She is a prayer warrior. I am so blessed with prayer warriors in my life. Before I called my mom I called my friend/sister Luanne. She prayed over the phone with me. Not expecting anything back from me at all, just answered the call, prayed for and with me and continued to pray long after I got off the phone. These two women in my life have had my back in prayer ever since I moved here...and long before that as well. They don't even realize the crowns they are getting in heaven for those prayers!!!

I do not think I could do all that I am doing in ministry if it wasn't for my prayer warriors. By praying for me, they are helping me to serve God by serving a nutshell their prayers are serving God. When I woke up this morning I read Proverbs 31. It is the essence and epitome of my mom!!! "She gets up while it is still dark...she opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy..she is clothed with strength and dignity...she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction. She watches over the affairs of her household. Her children (me) arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her. " v. 15, 20, 25-28

"Many women do noble things but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned and let her works bring her praise at the city gate" Prov. 31:29-31

Thank you God for my prayer warrior mama's & sisters!!!

Answered prayers

I have been asked to sing at the Women's event/conference on Friday October 15th at Mt. Top Church. : ) Yipee!!! God answers prayers really quickly. I just put this prayer in my prayer box..."God please open a door-opportunity for me to use my gift to glorify you." The next day I got the call! WOW!!! Power of prayer and faith!!! I am soo excited! I also was given the opportunity to sing at the Prayer Banquet last tuesday...I sang "This is our God" one of my favorite songs that I sang at CCF (my Cali home church). Miss ya'll soooo much!!!! Nichole is going to be my guest at the event friday so I will try to convince her to record it for my family...haha well for my mom and grandma mainly. HAHAH they always love that! Thank God for technology! Excited about Unashamed tonight. We just moved to the brand new large theater because we were packing out the upper sanctuary with college kids...amazing!!! I am sure you could tell from the pictures I posted a few weeks ago. So now we are blessed to be in the new beautiful theater and we were filled to the brim last is only gonna get excited! "If it's God's will it's God's bill." Where He guides He provides.
The Leah Faith concert last saturday was amazing, and I am so thankful that I got to go and I brought my new friend wilma with me too! Here are some pictures of me and wilma at the Basement a couple weeks ago. : ) She is a ray of sunshine in my life!!!!

Mercy renewed in the morning & MOURNING

Wrote this to myself in my journal. "It is hard being so far away from my family. God knows I am laying down my life to follow Him...He knows, He cares, He knows it's not easy, He holds every tear I cry in the palm of His hands"
My aunty Janet and my nana are visiting my family in California, and I can't help but mourn over it. Yes I am sad. I have to grieve and mourn that part of my life, mourn over missing out on that time and experience with my family. Mourning is good though. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" Matthew 5:4. God tells me that it is good to mourn, that I am actually blessed because of it. He will replace sadness with gladness. When I mourn, and cry out to HIM then He is able to come and comfort me. Bring me JOY. "I have this consolation-my JOY in unrelenting pain. That I had not denied the words of the HOLY ONE." JOb 6:10

It is written, He said, I will have joy in pain, and comfort in my mourning. I have experience this firsthand lately. The longer I pretend like things are fine, like I am fine, and "pull my boots up by my straps" the longer I am delaying the comfort and joy that God wants to pour out on me. Once I let down my pride and allow myself to be vulnerable and feel that sorrow, THEN God can do His job and love it all away : ) He wants to love it all away, if I will just let Him. So I am letting my guard down and letting him. Broken and contrite...the perfect place to b, at His feet. He is my physician, I am in Jesus ICU...He wants to heal me all up and make me better. In my weakness HE is strong. I love HIM wholeheartedly, He is all I need and He is all I have- and He is more than enough for me! His grace is sufficient and how blessed I am to receive this grace!!! G.R.A.C.E.- Giving yourself Rest and Compassion Everyday. Receive HIS grace today!