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Oceans… Spirit Lead Me

This was a pretty special moment one of the nights in Kona that I haven't had a chance to write down and share with ya'll. Me, Holly, and Hannah were waiting for my mom at this beautiful restaurant overlooking the Ocean.

Only a few feet away was a man playing the ukulele and singing beautiful Hawaiian songs. The mood was set. As we were walking out of the restaurant the same man looks at us girls and says, "Aren't you going to sing?!" He proceeded saying, "C'Mon! Sing Oceans!" I couldn't believe it. We looked around at each other, and giggled. Then I realized he was serious, when he reached the mic out to me. How could he have known that I sing Oceans all the time?! Or that I even sing? Or that I would be sooo utterly blessed by this moment and this night. Well maybe he didn't, but GOD KNEW, and God prompted him. How special is that?! What a wonderful Father we have!! So I walked over to him and we started singing 'Oceans' while overlooking the Hawaiian ocean. It was dreamy, God is dreamy. I think the locals at the restaurant were just as shocked as I was about how it all fell into place so perfectly. By God's grace alone. THIS was just ONE of GOD'S GLORY moments on our trip. The way He orchestrated it all makes my inner child jump around. Divine Appointments all around. God blessed and encouraged my heart so much in this one encounter. More than that, I pray He did the same and unleashed His heart, joy and presence upon everyone in that restaurant-- locals and tourists. The ukulele player and singer kept singing Jesus ever so sweetly in the background. It was a moment that I will never forget. Seriously. Pure JOY. Glory to GOD, all the way around! I saw and felt His hand and presence in it all.


Here is another clip of one of the songs I wrote and am bringing to the songwriting conference. Gearing up for Indiana. Can't believe it's less than a week away!! Can hardly wait!!

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I will SING to the Eternal, for He has won a great victory...The Eternal is my STRENGTH and my SONG, and He has come to save me; He is my God, and I will praise Him. He is the God of my father, and I will exalt Him.-Exodus 15:1-2

In the Glory of Your Presence- Song

Here is a video/ singing project I've been working on since my last worship night, and recording session.  I hope you enjoy, and that it ushers you deeply into God's presence and heart.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Bragging on God: Caregiving

I just have to brag on God here.  One of the MANY reasons I LOVE caregiving.  I feel SO blessed.  I just received this sweet email from one of my clients…she sends me emails like this often…this one especially touched my heart today and I had to share a glimpse of the JOY I get to experience on a daily basis helping her and others.  Caregiving is like therapy, counseling, rehabilitation, Christian ministry, personal assisting, nursing…oh and so much more.  It has highs and lows.  Somedays are really hard, tedious and beyond draining physically and emotionally.  I come home and just crash, I have nothing left to give to anyone or anything.  There are days when you feel like you are not making any progress with a client, or things are getting worse.  Then there are months of just baby steps and progress-- little by little, day by day-- loving them with God's love-- and all of the sudden you see those seeds planted months ago begin to be watered and grown and blossom by God.  Like today one of my client's shared with me that her husband has started praying and building a personal relationship with God. This is colossal.  He has always erred on the side of "religious" and distant and rule-oriented with God. Not ever really have a real relationship with Him. Me and his wife have been praying and planting seeds for months and to finally see those blossoming…well I can't even tell you how amazing that is.  When she stopped to tell me that today, I almost cried.  I let them borrow the movie "God's Not Dead" last week, and we were both praying God would really move in his heart through that movie too and he would be open.  He was. That was a sweet surprise as well.  She has always wanted to share her faith with him, and hers has been growing stronger and stronger especially over the last eight months.  Now she is realizing he needs his own faith and relationship with God before they can share anything.  What is so encouraging is that he is building that.  This is such an answered prayer, you have no idea. 

Also another client who had been battling major depression after a breakdown and major physical surgery, has had so many breakthroughs over the last few months.  Just to see her laughing again, her joy is back, her fervor, she is a new woman.  Getting to walk, pray, and counsel her through that crazy intense fire was a privilege I don't take lightly.  Sometimes I forget why I do, what I do…or it feels mundane, and then God hits me over the head (not really haha) ever so gently and shows me these beautifully amazing opportunities I get to be a part of, with Him, in the lives of His children. 

So needless to say the highs are so high and so wonderful and SO rewarding.  To see how and why God has placed me in my client's lives specifically is so humbling and honestly breath-taking.  It is so worth the lows or the hard days.  Just in AWE of Him.  All GLORY, all HONOR, All Praise to YOU God. Thank you for letting me be a part of Your love expressed here on earth.  

Pray for Nepal, Holly Update: EarthQuake #2 YWAM

Well I got home around midnight last night after an amazing worship night and recording/songwriting session.  I was on cloud nine after a long day.  Suddenly as I was about to fall asleep, all cozy in bed, I got some scary news. My grandpa let me know that Nepal had a second earthquake, and not just any aftershock either. A whopping 7.4 magnitude. This following the devastating and deadly 7.8 only a few weeks ago. Thank God my grandpa watches the news so late at night or I would not have known. For some reason with both earthquakes I have been wide awake and the first (or second in this case) to know about it.  I keep getting to be the messenger of sorts.  Don't ask me why God always has me awake and finding out about the quakes. It is a privilege that I get to pray for my sister, and be there in it with Hannah that's all I know.  I love them both very much.  I would do the same for any and ALL of my sisters in Christ.  What an honor.  Thank you GOD.  So then I had to call poor Hannah again at 12:15 a.m. It was like a repeat of the first earthquake when I called her at 1:30 a.m. But only this time we were not up all night … we did pray over text together for about an hour. But we both had this deep peace that she was safe, and we just kept committing her over to the Lord and the whole YWAM team. It was still intense, don't get me wrong, just very different feeling than the first time we got news. Thankfully Holly was able to contact her parents much sooner this time than the last time too! Read below:

Hannah & Holly's dad posted this 11 hours ago: "We got a call at 1:30 this morning from Holly informing us that she and her team in Katmandu, Nepal, are safe following that 7.3 magnitude aftershock/ quake. Thanks for your continuing prayers for the people of Nepal, and all those committed to helping in any way they can. Thanks as well to the 42 people who, over the last 11 days, have given $16,519 for quake relief through the "gofundme" site (via the "Love your neighbor Nepal" page). The team's big concern today is that the deep fears incited by the first quake will be magnified by this second one. Their prayer is that the Spirit will cause hearts to turn to God, and that many will discover a new peace and rest in Christ.
By the way, the next time you hear someone predict the demise of the American Church, remind them that there are hundreds of thousands of late-teens-to-thirty-somethings who have devoted themselves, body and soul, to spreading God's love all over the planet."

Mother's Day 2015

The strongest woman I know. Happy Mother's Day mom. You may never know on this side of heaven how many hearts you have touched, and shaped; and how many lives you have lead to Jesus.  MY life being one of them. Your heart, compassion, strength, and joy in the Lord are infectious. Your incredible love for the Lord, lived out, lit the way for my salvation. You are a true God-fearing and God-loving woman. Beautiful in every way. And I honor you as my mother. Thank you God for loaning me this amazing mother here on earth. I don't know how you were SO strong after daddy died, and how you had to be so strong for me. To have to tell me, and carry on, for us both. To lose almost everything and yet still have such hope and joy. Only God in you could do that. You always reminded me that God was our provider and that He would never leave us, nor forsake us. Even when we were dirt poor, I felt like the richest little girl in the world. And I WAS. Because I was always surrounded by LOVE. You knew how to make any house, or room for that matter, feel like a home. No one will ever know the bond we have… going through ALL that we have together. We are stronger for it. Strong in the Lord and in HIS mighty power. God put us together for a reason, a mother-daughter dynamic duo. All for His glory. A Naomi and Ruth of sorts, we truly are.  I love serving Him God with you. What an honor and a blessing to call you my mother and friend.  I can't wait to see all the amazing adventures and journey's God has ahead for you and your HUGE heart!  

"His Sorrow Left when Nepalese Photographer Saw Baby's Rescue"

His sorrow left when Nepalese photographer saw baby's rescue 

Article from MSN

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal (AP) — Nepalese photojournalist Amul Thapa smiled in spite of his hidden pain when he saw the scene he'll remember always: Rescue workers pulling a 4-month-old boy from the wrecked home where he'd been trapped 20 hours after the earthquake.
Sonit Awal's chubby cheeks were caked in chalky, concrete dust. One tiny fist curled tightly shut, the other seemingly covering his face.
His 9-year-old sister was watching him when the magnitude-7.8 temblor struck at midday Saturday, collapsing many historic buildings in the town of Bhaktapur, just east of Nepal's capital.
The children's parents were both away but the girl managed to escape unhurt. When Thapa, who works with, first heard Sonit's cries, the baby was trapped under a wooden beam.
That beam "was supporting everything," the 26-year-old remembers. To move it would have meant to bring even more danger to the trapped child.
Thapa's own family in his hometown of Bhaktapur had suffered and his home had been destroyed but Thapa said when he heard the baby cry all he could think was "Please God, help him."
Thapa was walking to the market on Saturday when he first heard of the baby trapped but he decided not to shoot that day.
"The atmosphere was not right."
But he returned the next morning.
At 10 a.m. on Sunday, Nepalese army soldiers pulled out little Sonit.
"When I saw the baby alive all my sorrow went. Everyone was clapping. It gave me energy and made me smile in spite of lots of pain hidden inside me."
The photographer said the baby appeared to have suffered only a small cut over his brow.
Many of the ornate buildings in Bhaktapur, a key tourist site, were reduced to rubble after the earthquake.
"Please help Nepalese people and save Nepalese people," Thapa said, adding that urban areas would recover from the devastation relatively quickly but in the villages close to the epicenter, people lost their home and are asking for help.